Wedding Policy

Glen Leven Presbyterian Church conducts wedding services for Glen Leven Church members and,

at the discretion of the Pastor, active participants in our congregation who are non-members of

our church.

Weddings at Glen Leven are officiated by our Pastor. Pastors who are not serving Glen Leven may

assist in the service when invited to do so by our Pastor. The wedding service is an act of worship

and is designed to reflect the joy and beauty of covenant love, and as a time of praise and

adoration of God. You will work with the officiating Pastor to design the service drawing from

resources of the Presbyterian and other Judeo-Christian traditions.

Before we can make a firm commitment to perform your marriage at Glen Leven Presbyterian

Church, you must meet with the Pastor for Pre-marriage Counseling. The Pastor will lead you to

explore all the facets of your relationship, helping you to affirm your strengths and identify areas

in which you need to grow. The Pre-marriage Counseling sessions are three, two hour meetings.

You should plan to have the first session at least two months prior to the proposed wedding date.

The Pastor will also work with you regarding such logistical details as decorations, candles, and

dressing facilities. At both the rehearsal and during the wedding ceremony the Pastor will

oversee the details of the processional, placement of persons in the chancel during the wedding

service, and the recessional.

Music is to be selected in consultation with the officiating Pastor and the church organist at least

three weeks before the wedding. The music will be Christian and classical tradition, designed to

evoke joyful worship and praise. Our organist will play 30 minutes of music prior to the wedding,

the processional and recessional music, and if desired hymns or other special music during the

service. If Glen Leven's organist is not available for the wedding, a substitute organist will be

selected by the organist and Glen Leven's Minister of Music. If you wish to have a guest organist,

the Glen Leven organist must give prior approval. Please note that this will require a written

request, and that the guest organist's credentials must be specified, demonstrating that the

guest organist can play a complex pipe organ. You will be responsible for paying the organist,

guest organist, and any other musicians.

To maintain the dignity of this occaision, all decorations are to be simple and in harmony with

the architecture of the church. You or your wedding party are responsible for all decorations

except for the candles at the front of the sanctuary. Please consult the Pastor about decorations,

including floral arrangements. Please do not use tape or tacks as these damage the pews. We

discourage the use of aisle runners, which we feel are unsafe and a nuisance to properly use.

Though your photographer or videographer may take pictures using available light at any time,

we do not permit flash photographs or artificially lighted videos at any time during the worship

itself (after the processional and before the recessional). Photos or videos made using available

light should not intrude during the service. Videographers should coordinate vidcam use with

the Pastor.

Please do not throw confetti, birdseed, or rice on Church property because of clean up problems.

Your guest may want to ring bells, blow bubbles, etc.

No alcohol is permitted at any time on the property of Glen Leven Presbyterian Church or within

the facilities of Glen Leven Presbyterian Church.